Dr. James J. Connors

​Expert: Hydrology and Environmental Science

Surface-Water and Groundwater Contamination Services

Dr. Connors has investigated environmental contamination at hundreds of locations around the U.S. His consulting practice in this area has involved projects and legal cases focused on contaminant sources, fate, and transport of a wide variety of chemicals (such as PFAS, PCBs, arsenic, lead, BTEX, TCE, nutrients, landfill leachate, sewage, radiation, and others).  He has served as an expert witness and/or consultant on many projects and legal cases involving PFAS contamination, leachate contamination at Subtitle D landfills, pipeline-related contamination, above-ground and underground storage tanks (USTs), rail yards, construction sites, refineries, surface chemical spills and releases, chemical/manufacturing plants, contaminated oil and gas fields, military base contamination, commercial sites, casinos, breweries,  agriculture facilities, and other sites. His work has involved sampling, computer modeling, statistical analysis, plume-stability evaluations, conceptual site models, data reviews, geophysical surveys, aerial photos and remote/drone imagery, and risk-based decision-making and remediation. 

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