​​​​​JAMES J. CONNORS  Ph.D., P.G.
Expert hydrologist, expert hydrogeologist

​Expert Hydrology, Hydrogeology, and Environmental Science

Dr. James J. Connors is an expert hydrologist, hydrogeologist, and environmental scientist practicing nationwide. His 35-year award-winning career has focused on consulting work related to groundwater and surface-water contamination, stormwater runoff and flooding, erosion and sediment transport/deposition, and water resources. Dr. Connors has acted as an expert witness in numerous legal disputes, providing technical advice, expert reports and opinions, peer reviews, sampling, computer modeling, site inspections, demonstrative evidence, drone reconnaissance, and depositions/testimony, as required. 

In addition, Dr. Connors is a skilled educator who has taught continuing education courses and seminars to his fellow professionals, and worked extensively at the university level, teaching Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Computer Modeling, Geology, and Geophysics. While in academia, he received “Teaching Excellence”, “Outstanding Service”, and “Humanitarian Service” awards, as well as multiple “Faculty Member of the Year” and Mortar Board “Top Prof” awards. In 2013, he was listed among the “50 Outstanding Faculty Members” in the history of the University of South Alabama.