Dr. James J. Connors, P.G.

As a part of his nationwide consulting practice, Dr. Connors has worked as an expert hydrologist, hydrogeologist, and environmental scientist in a number of legal cases in diverse geological and geographical settings.  He has reviewed files and technical evidence, given depositions, written expert reports and rebuttals, inspected and sampled sites, prepared computer models and demonstrative evidence displays, provided technical consulting, assisted with Daubert challenges, and given hearing, arbitration, and trial testimony. His cases have involved stormwater runoff, flooding, drainage, erosion, sediment transport, sedimentation, surface-water and groundwater contamination, wetlands, oilfield fluids, pipelines, landfills, sewage spills, accidents, and water-supply/water-resource issues. 

Dr. James Connors: Expert witness services related to flooding, groundwater contamination, stormwater, runoff, drainage, erosion, sediment transport, sedimentation, water supply and water resources.

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