Dr. James Connors: Expert_Hydrologist, Expert_Hydrogeologist, and Environmental_Expert.
​​​​​JAMES J. CONNORS  Ph.D., P.G.
Dr. James Connors, Hydrology | Hydrogeology Expert, Flooding | Erosion | Groundwater | Contamination | Runoff | Expert Hydrologist Hydrogeologist, Expert Witness

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Dr. James Connors: Expert Witness Hydrologist, Hydrogeologist, and Environmental Scientist.


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Dr. Connors has extensive experience and training in erosion, sediment transport, sedimentation, and sedimentology.  He has acted as an expert witness in a number of legal cases involving erosion, sediment transport, and sedimentation questions and is a certified stormwater, erosion, and sedimentation control inspector.  His expertise includes coastal erosion, BMP effectiveness, sediment transport and deposition, contaminated sediment transport, source forensics, stream bank erosion, and turbidity assessments.  He also provides continuing education courses in these areas.

Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Sedimentation Services

​Expert Services: Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Sedimentation

Dr. James Connors: Expert witness services related to flooding, stormwater, erosion, sedimentation, and contamination.