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​Expert: Hydrology and Environmental Science

Dr. James J. Connors, P.G.

Dr. Connors has extensive experience in erosion, sediment transport, and sedimentation/sediment deposition. He has acted as an expert witness in a number of cases involving erosion and sedimentation issues and disputes. These have involved construction and development activities, on- and off-shore restoration projects, coastal erosion and sediment transport, contaminated sediment sourcing and transport, sediment-source forensics, stream-bank erosion, stormwater erosion and sediment controls (ESCs) and BMPs, water-quality/turbidity, and rainfall/hurricane triggered events. He is a trained and certified stormwater erosion and sediment control inspector with a strong body of academic and practical expertise in this practice area dating back to the early 1990s.

Erosion, Sediment Transport, and Sedimentation Services

Construction site stormwater erosion expert witness
Stormwater erosion and sedimentation expert witness